Raleigh, NC Car Wash Bubblewerks Review

Over the last several years I have been to a number of different car washes in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area. Rather than take the time to wash my own car I usually pay a detailer or car wash to do it. When I lived in the Brier Creek area I went to Bunkey’s on Glenwood down by Crabtree Valley Mall. When I moved to Chapel Hill I started to go to TC’s of Durham just because it was closer. A Raleigh, NC car wash I was unaware of was Bubblewerks.

After being a member at Hasentree Country Club for over five years, I have found myself in North Raleigh quite a bit. In fact, I basically live a double life with half of my time being spent in Chapel Hill and the other half in the North Raleigh or Wake Forest area. When looking for a car wash in Raleigh¬†you should consider Bubblewerks. This car wash is located in the same shopping center as Cruizers and Dante’s Italian restaurant near Wakefield High School.

As with a number of car washes in Raleigh, Bubblewerks offers full service detailing as well as a basic wash completed by their employees. If you are like me and do not want to get out the hose, a bucket for water and scrub every inch of your car, Bubblewerks is a great option. If you are a member of any of the golf clubs in the area such as Heritage, Wakefield or Hasentree it is very easy to get to Bubblewerks.

It is also very close to a number of local high schools. Whether you are a senior that goes to Wakefield or a 16 year old that just got your license and you go to Wake Forest, this is the closest quality car wash for you. You will also find that the prices are very affordable and there are a handful of discounts. Take the time to leave a Yelp or Google review and you will get a discount as well.

When considering the cost of a car wash, remember that your time is valuable. I would much rather pay someone $20 to $30 to wash my car rather than having to spend one to two hours to get everything ready, clean the car and then put all the items away. You can probably use an extra two hours much better than scrubbing your rims and attempting to clean your tires.


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