Why Raleigh, NC Dentists Must Have SEO to Rank in Search

Over the last decade, the internet and digital marketing world has changed quite a bit. Prior to 2012, many SEO companies pointed a few anchor text links back to a domain and their client’s websites ranked at the top of Google search with very little effort. After the Penguin and Panda algorithm updates search engine optimization changed quite a bit. In fact, some would argue it changed Internet marketing forever. Since 2012, search experts have come at a premium because there are very few that understand the way to truly rank a website in search.

Dental and Orthodontic SEO can be very challenging for a novice consultant or agency. For this reason, dental and orthodontics offices throughout the United States go through SEO companies more quickly then they go through scanning software. The SEO agencies or companies that focus on the dental industry often try to cut corners and rank with the least possible work. While this might have be achievable prior to Panda and Penguin, it is not the case today.

If a dental office hopes to rank for “Raleigh Emergency Dentist” it is not as easy as getting a few low quality links that point back to a landing page or domain. In today’s Internet world, it takes a very well researched article, prior attribution to valuable and authoritative web entities, a strong link portfolio and a number of other factors that we will save for our clients. If you would like to rank for dental or orthodontic keywords in your local area, feel free to email us at jesse@wojdylosocialmedia.com and we can discuss ways in which you can get more patients from your website.

One of the biggest issues most SEO agencies and firms have is the fact that it takes time and effort to rank a website. The content and link building aspect of SEO if quite laborious meaning it cannot be completed by one person in a few hours. In fact, link building and copywriting is a full time job for many.

Also note that age of links is a very important factor when it comes to SEO. This is why it is important to have a long term SEO plan rather than just trying to get as many links as possible in the next two months. Some of these links might not get crawled and indexed by Google for up to 45 days which means they will not pass SEO juice for quite some time. This is something you must consider before making any decisions on an SEO company that is attempting to rank a website in the competitive dental and orthodontic niche.

If your dental website is stuck on page two or page three for “Raleigh Pediatric Dentist” and you don’t know what to do, it is time to set up a long term link building and content distribution plan. Fortunately, there are a number of websites that would be willing to partner to help your website rank higher in search. Also realize that exact match anchor text links are not the be all, end all. You will also need branded and naked URL links. These are very common when it comes to sponsorships or business partnerships.

Even if you are the biggest orthodontist in the state, you will need SEO. Do not think that your website is going to rank at the top of Google search simply because you spend the most money on ads. Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you are looking to improve the SEO of your dental or orthodontic website. You can email us at jesse@wojdylosocialmedia.com.

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