Raleigh, NC Health Insurance – Can Your Agency Rank on the First Page?

In the last several years, many local health insurance agencies have found value in being on the front page of Google Search. Now that many families and retirees are looking for their health insurance from an agency or agent, it stands to reason that most would start their search on Google. With that being the case, just how hard is it for an agency to get to the first page for Raleigh, NC health insurance? Is this a task that can be completed in a few weeks? A few months? Is this something that could take years of work?

It is important to remember that Google ranks pages based on their authority. If you own an insurance agency in Raleigh, North Carolina and your website has little to no authority, it could take years to rank on the front page for highly competitive insurance keywords. It seems to be the case that life and health insurance are the most competitive phrases. You always have the option to pay between $50 and $100 a click through Google Adwords, but most agencies would rather rank organically and know they are getting leads without having to pay per click.

If you are an insurance agency that has quite a bit of authority, it is possible to rank on page one in a few months. This means would will need to have links from powerful websites. Mentions from newspapers, magazines, TV stations and other online news outlets would be very helpful. Building a strong link portfolio is not an overnight process. From our research, it will likely take dozens of strong links to rank on the front page for Raleigh, NC Health Insurance.

Note that links are not the only important factor when it comes to ranking on the front page of Google Search. Your agency will also need several great resources that discuss and inform Internet users about Raleigh health insurance. As a health insurance agency, you are the expert. It is imperative to display that through your website. That can be in the form of words, videos, pictures or audio files.

Whether you are a BCBSNC, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Cigna, Humana or any other type of health insurance agency in Raleigh, North Carolina, it is important to get started on building the authority of your website today.

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