How Do Raleigh, NC Teens Choose an Orthodontist? Social Media?

Raleigh, North Carolina is home to tens of thousands of teenagers. We all know that teens live on their smartphones these days but does that affect their parents buying decisions? We know that teens love to shop online, but do they choose their dentist, orthodontist or family doctor because of social media or the online presence of a practice?

It is hard to place a value on social media for orthodontists because the decision maker in most families does not have time to scour social media. That said, their son or daughter is likely looking at Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter several times a day. If a teenage girl sees that one of their friends is at an orthodontist’s office are they more willing to tell their parents they want to go to that orthodontist’s office?

There are a number of orthodontists in the Triangle that are well aware of the power of word of mouth marketing. One of these Raleigh orthodontists is Jason Gladwell. Dr. Gladwell’s office, Gladwell Orthodontics, is very active on Instagram, Facebook and even has a Snapchat account. The office encourages their patients to take a picture with a GO (Gladwell Orthodontics) tshirt on or mention @gladwellorthodontics when they are smiling during their summer trips.

Even if their social media activity only leads to a few dozens likes, it is still worth its weight in gold because of all the teenagers that are impressed upon by these pictures or videos. It is important to remember that most teenagers are not going to “like” the photos or videos of their orthodontist but they will definitely see this type of media and pass it along to their friends.

If teenagers know their friends are having fun at the orthodontist while they are stressing about going to the orthodontist, they will likely change their doctor. The best thing an orthodontics office can do is keep pushing out those pictures and videos of smiling teenagers. Sims Orthodontics of Pensacola, Florida is another orthodontics office that does a great job of sharing videos and pictures of patients that are very happy with their Invisalign or braces.

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