Why Am I Seeing Random People’s Stories on My Snapchat?

With the latest December 2017 Snapchat update users are noticing random people showing up in Snapchat Stories. When swiping to the right and looking at the Discover section, users will see celebrities, brands and random people they do not know. They will also see people that they follow but do not follow them. There is really no way to determine what is showing up in this new algorithmic feed.

If you are seeing random people on your Snapchat Stories in the Discover tab you are not alone. Just because you are seeing someone in your Discover section, it does not mean you are following them or are friends with them. It could mean they are what Snapchat would deem someone you would be interested in.

Do you like this new update? Do you want to see random people on your Snapchat Stories?

5 thoughts on “Why Am I Seeing Random People’s Stories on My Snapchat?

  1. Amber

    No I hate it and it looks like the CEO of Snapchat is begging to go out of business with all of the unfavorable updates they have made in the passed, I really don’t care to see people who snap deems “famous people” that I’m not following on my snap I DIDN’T FOLLOW THOSE PEOPLE FOR A REASON, it’s like they are shoving these celebs and youtubers in our faces by putting there stories in my snap and not even to mention those extra stories probably take up storage on my phone I am very displeased. please take away the annoying self loving wanna bed on my snap page and give me back my friends page

  2. Tanya Taylor

    Why am I getting snaps of Muslim wedding services and make up by women wearing hijabs. Ilalso I revive Muslim men stories and I’m not happy. I have no interest in them and that stuff whatsoever. I spend half my time pressing ‘see less stories like this’ Please stop it happening as similar stories keep showing! Thinking of tweeting pics of my account as it’s not on. Where are the snaps of my friends? Who gave you permission to bombard me with irrelevant stuff. I am missing so much of my friends and family stuff. This has got to stop or we have to be given a choice of classic snapchat or new snapchat. Give us our vote back. Pleased

  3. Tanya Taylor

    I have so many friends that have stopped using this app or deleting it. Such an amazing app to have but now it seems it’s become so complex. It was user friendly and fun with everything where it was supposed to be and flowed very well. No one saw this coming….the choice was taken out of our hands. Overnight my snaps became muddled and confusing and I really enjoyed reading all the papers daily as well as forwarding articles but now it’s all jumbled and confusing. For a girl with bipolar disorder, snapchat was a great distraction from my hectic lifestyle of moods that are elevated to the other end of the spectrum where I’m feeling low and alone. Snapchat gave me calm and fun and knowledge all in one place and an easy way of keeping in touch with people I care for all in one place. I thought I didn’t need any other medium. I stopped using FB, Instagram and twitter but now. I’m being forced to go back to those more structured apps as this is just one big muddle for me to manage, I just want to be able to login in, look at a few stories from friends, snapback and read news stories that I have subscribed to or have chosen to follow. Please snapchat listen to your fans. All around the internet and in the real world their are so many disappointed people. Why the sudden change? Why no slow introduction? I’m seeing more adverts then stories.
    Advertisers may be paying you well for their product placement but if no one is opening their snaps you won’t have an app for long and your stock will crash and burn. Please go back to the old school basic stress free formula we all thoroughly enjoyed. Old is Gold.

  4. Dee

    I don’t care about some girl in another state or how many kids ‘celebs’ have or corgi butts. It’s annoying and I keep hitting ‘see less like this’ but still I get random people. I also dislike, especially on meme stories which I prefer and actually follow, they advertise accounts of women, not dressed appropriately and it’s disgusting, I don’t want to see that when my little brother is on the couch next to me. Snapchat shoves a lot of things in users faces and Will not back down.its adnoxious and annoying. Snapchat I feel is very biased, in a lot of news articles are sexist, women almost always being victims and that’s not how the world works. Snapchat should listen to its users or soon they won’t have any.


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