Why Am I Seeing Random People’s Stories on My Snapchat?

With the latest December 2017 Snapchat update users are noticing random people showing up in Snapchat Stories. When swiping to the right and looking at the Discover section, users will see celebrities, brands and random people they do not know. They will also see people that they follow but do not follow them. There is really no way to determine what is showing up in this new algorithmic feed.

If you are seeing random people on your Snapchat Stories in the Discover tab you are not alone. Just because you are seeing someone in your Discover section, it does not mean you are following them or are friends with them. It could mean they are what Snapchat would deem someone you would be interested in.

Do you like this new update? Do you want to see random people on your Snapchat Stories?

One thought on “Why Am I Seeing Random People’s Stories on My Snapchat?

  1. Amber

    No I hate it and it looks like the CEO of Snapchat is begging to go out of business with all of the unfavorable updates they have made in the passed, I really don’t care to see people who snap deems “famous people” that I’m not following on my snap I DIDN’T FOLLOW THOSE PEOPLE FOR A REASON, it’s like they are shoving these celebs and youtubers in our faces by putting there stories in my snap and not even to mention those extra stories probably take up storage on my phone I am very displeased. please take away the annoying self loving wanna bed on my snap page and give me back my friends page


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