Can I Rank on the First Page of Google Search with Only Links?

Today I’m going to discuss something that’s very important in the SEO world, and that is comparing links to content. The question a lot of people ask me is “Can I rank my business website, or my law firm website, or whatever type of website I have, with just links and very little content?” Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re a personal injury lawyer in Chicago, Illinois and you build out a website that costs $5,000 or $10,000, whatever the case may be. You don’t have a lot of content for it because content costs money as well. You build out five (5) areas of practice pages, such as car accident lawyer, slip and fall lawyer, truck accident lawyer and two more. That’s all the content you have on your page, as well as a home page, and then maybe a contact us page.

Can Links Rank a Business Website on Page 1 of Google?

A lot of people want to know if there is any way that a website can rank in Google Search if I just go get a lot of links pointing back to those few pages. If I get a lot of links pointing back to the car accident page, will it rank in Google Search? The answer is yes, it will. If you don’t have a lot of content you can rank in search, but like my mother always used to tell me, you’re walking on thin ice.

You really are not building out a web presence that users are going to find useful if you have very sparse, small pages and you rank well in Google Search. That being said, I have seen a lot of lawyers, a lot of doctors, a lot of real estate agents, many other industry leaders in which they just have a handful of pages. They rank well because they have gotten links from valuable resources such as Fortune, or Forbes, or The Wall Street Journal, or USA Today, or Huffington Post, or wherever.

Google’s Algorithm with Content and Links

Remember, Google’s algorithm probably knows how many links a website should have. They’ve been indexing the web since 1998 so I’m certain there is a part of the Google algorithm that says if a website has five (5) pages, how many natural links should it have. Now that is obviously variable depending on the page. I’m certain that if a celebrity, if Justin Bieber put up a one page website today he’s going to get hundreds of links, and obviously those are natural because of who he is. That being said, those links are going to be 100% natural. He’s not going to go out and try to find those links. He’s not going to go out and write guest blog posts or possibly even sponsor events.

This is something to think about if you’re trying to rank your website on the front page of Google Search. Anyone who has worked with me, my clients included, know you must have content on your page. Content is extremely important. While you may rank for Chicago car accident lawyer with a five (5) page website, you could rank for thousands of other terms by just creating content for the local area. Maybe there was a accident near CBS; maybe there was an accident in a Walmart parking lot.

If you only have content related to generic terms you’re going to miss out on all these other searches that are being completed through Google Search. I have had several clients that have called me and said “Hey, I would have never guessed that someone would’ve contacted me related to this article,” or that article, or this resource. That’s the value of content and it’s not easy. It is not easy coming up with creative content and constantly publishing it to your website. If you need content for your business website reach out to me at

Should Business Professionals Get Links or Create Content?

Obviously that is a struggle for many business professionals, and that’s what I’m here for. That’s what I do. I have a team of writers, I write myself, I come up with content that most other people would not think about. I do the research on a city and a specific area. Where do interstates merge in the city of Chicago? Where are a lot of DUIs given out? Where are there a lot of accidents during rush hour outside the city limits? Is it Norther of Chicago or South of Chicago that is more dangerous?

These are all pieces of content that need to be on your website. If they’re not on your website you’re missing out on people searching for that content and looking for a lawyer, or looking for a real estate agent, or looking for a mortgage broker, or whatever you may be. These are valuable pieces of content that I would suggest getting as many as possible. Whatever your budget is, consider getting content. Hiring a copywriter, using one of your employees, using a paralegal or a secretary to just write content is a good investment.

What Content is Valuable

What’s great about content is you don’t have to actively go out and search for links. With this article right here; someone will probably read this because it ranks in Google Search and then they’ll naturally link to it from one of their resources. I had to do zero work as far as getting the link and trying to find ways to contact other webmasters. Google Search did it all for me, so instead of spending hour upon hour using programs and contacting webmasters, and doing all those little tedious tasks, I can simply write the article or transcribe it, however I feel, I can hit publish on WordPress and I’m done.

My job is done for the day. It takes me 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and for other people, this takes 8 or 9 hours. This is something that is extremely valuable and something that I would strongly consider for any business. Any business that has a web presence or wants to get customers or clients from the web would benefit from creating tons and tons of content and posting it online.

At this very moment I’m looking at my Google Analytics and I’m seeing a plethora of different people searching different things related to Snapchat, related to Google buying Twitter, related to how people use the web to buy things to television shows. These are all valuable pieces of content where people find my website. This is something that is available to you at a very low cost. Just using your creativity and thinking about ways to publish content that has not been published in your industry.

Using Creativity for Content

A quick way to do this is just to drive down the road to work and think about ways that people ask you questions. Think about the terminology; think about the vocabulary. I have actually suggested to a couple of my clients to bring their iPhone, put it on voice recording, and just talk. Let the thoughts of your head roll. Such as, “Today I’m driving into work. I’m thinking about a couple of my clients. They’re looking for lower interest rates on a mortgage. I think an FHA mortgage would be correct for them but a VA mortgage is a good option as well. I may go in and use some mortgage calculators to figure it out.” All these keywords are keywords people are searching on Google. If you’re thinking it and you’re considering it in your mind, people are considering it in their mind as well.

This is something that I would strongly urge you to do today. If you have any questions or concerns related to transcribing or getting your thoughts on a page, please feel free to reach out to me at I have many services that I can help you with that will convert your sound recordings, or we can actually do a YouTube video together and get it transcribed, or we can do a more professional video, whatever the case may be. Getting your thoughts on a page are extremely valuable in terms of SEO.

How Valuable Are Links to SEO?

Let’s go back to the topic at hand, links. If you want to just get links to your page, you are going to be able to rank, but you’re missing out on huge opportunities. A lot of my potential clients call me and they say “I want links. We need to get more links to the website. The only way we’re going to rank is links. Let’s get links.” Links, links, links. Well, that’s all find and dandy but I would say you need to build the foundation before you go out and get links. The best way to build the foundation is through a ton of content. Then you’re going to find, as a business professional, that you do not need to go out and actively search for links.

By publishing new blog posts on your website the links are naturally going to happen. You would be shocked at how many websites just pull your content and naturally link to it if you are consistent. If you consistently do a blog post a day, if you consistently update your website every day, there are many websites out there including news websites and industry websites that will pull your content and naturally place a link on their specific website. These are things to consider when building out a web presence and trying to rank on the first page of Google.

As most people know, I am a strong advocate of creating lots and lots of content. That’s why my website has over one millions words on it and I’m working my way toward 2,000 blog posts. Think about building a foundation. When you build a house you don’t want to just build a sandcastle, live in that sandcastle, and then let it get washed away every night. You want to build a strong foundation. Lay the concrete. The concrete is great content on your website. I would suggest 1,000 to 2,000 word articles that are related to your area of expertise. Once the foundation is laid you don’t have to do a 2,000 word article every time, but it is always helpful to put more content on a page than less. The more content you have, the more keywords that are going to show up, the more likely your page is going to get linked to by other resources.

If you need to improve your search ranking, if you want better SEO, if you want to get clients or customers through your website, please feel free to contact me. My contact information is on this page.

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