Received Snapchat Notification But No Private Snap

In the last few months, we have been contacted by a number of Snapchat users asking if there is a glitch in Snapchat notifications. They have stated that they are receiving a notification that a Snapchat user has sent them a Snap but when they open their private Snaps, there is nothing there. This has happened to them dozens of times to find out that the Snap comes in much later, sometimes hours later.

So, is there a glitch when it comes to Snapchat notifications? Do certain friends and user’s Snaps not come through on time because they are on a different provider? It is interesting to note that some people have stated that it is only one or two users and not all of their friends.

Has this happened to you? Do you eventually get the Snapchat pictures, texts or videos?

13 thoughts on “Received Snapchat Notification But No Private Snap

    1. Sierra

      Same I had that today and I turned off and on notifications and it was still there but then someone messaged me I opened it left snap and it was gone

    1. Freya

      This has happened to me multiple times. My WiFi is great and I have 4G and 4 bars. Sometimes my snapchat does this, I get notifications but go on Snapchat and there’s is no message. Today it occurred and I’ve just signed out, and I just attempted to sign back in a gain hoping t would solve the problem, but now I can’t sign in. A couple hours later or the next day I gain back connection with snapchat and am able to go back on. I just hope it works this time as I’ve logged out and don’t want to be trapped from my account 😕 VERY ANGRY with Snapchat this is not acceptable.

  1. B. Ootiez

    This continues to happen regularly to me and the only way to see the message come through is to add the person who sent me the message even though my settings are programmed for anyone to be able to send me messages.

  2. J

    This keeps happening to me recently but only with one of my friends! I get a notification AND when I check snap their name is highlighted saying I have a snap from them. I sometimes leave this friend on read for an hour or 2 until I’m ready to read and reply but when I go back in to read the message,, it’s gone… Frustrating, to say the least!!

  3. William Brooks

    I’ve over the last few hours gotten about 40 notifications from Snapchat saying that a few of my friends had sent a message or were typing only to open the app and see nothing

  4. Elena Solis

    Snapchat app icon shows 2 messages. I open it and there are no messages. At first I thought, am I doing something wrong? Do I just not know how to use it? Snapchat made me feel that I was just not using it right until I decided to look this issue up. I was thinking I could learn how to use it by researching it. It turns out that the Snapchat application was very poorly made. And that it’s not me that doesn’t know how to use it. It’s them that don’t know how to make apps that work and are user friendly. Shame on them frustrating the public like that. It’s been going on for a long time. And still they have not fixed it.


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