Red Heart vs Yellow Heart on Snapchat – What Does it Mean?


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Apparently, the red heart means you have been best friends for over two weeks and two hearts means you’ve been best friends for two straight months. Here is the information on two red hearts on Snapchat.


Over the last several days many visitors have asked me about the difference in the red heart and yellow heart on Snapchat. In the original release of Snapchat emojis as best friends we learned that a yellow heart was your #1 best friend. I am still looking for information as hundreds of people are tweeting with questions like, “why did my yellow heart turn red?” Some have stated that it turned from yellow to red for just 10 minutes and then back to yellow.

It may be the case that this means your Snapchat Best Friend is actively using Snapchat, but I cannot confirm this yet. I will do some testing over the next few days and figure out what is going on with this red heart. Here is what it looks like:


If you have any guesses about what this red heart means please feel free to leave a comment below. Someone out there has to know what this new red heart means.

64 thoughts on “Red Heart vs Yellow Heart on Snapchat – What Does it Mean?

    1. Breanna

      Yellow hear means that you are each other’s #1 best friend. That switches to the red heart when you’ve been each other’s best friend for over two weeks. Next will be the two pink hearts when it gets to two months.

  1. random

    The red heart (❤) means you’ve been best friends for two weeks straight. The double heart (?) means you’ve been best friends for two months straight. The golden heart (?) remains during the first two weeks.

  2. Meggan

    The red heart emoji (❤️) means you have been each other’s best friend for two weeks and the double heart emoji (?) is for two months as best friends.

  3. Arianna

    I think the red heart appears when two people have been yellow heart bestfriends for a certain period of time

  4. morganne

    There birthday? My best friend has there birthday today its the first time I have ever seen it red. Thats my only guess.

  5. olivia

    red heart is for best friends for two weeks and double red heart is for two months
    yellow is for under two weeks

  6. Kaila

    If you weren’t already told, the red heart is that the other person’s been in your #1 spot for more than 2 weeks. And there’s pink hearts for more than 2 months

  7. dee

    My heart turned red after snapping the same person over 23 days in a row and at least 15-20 times a day. Maybe after so many days of snapping in a row it changes?? It’s been red all day.

  8. rebecca

    the red heart means you have been best friends for over two weeks. two hearts means you have been friends for over two months

  9. Taysia

    I don’t think any of this is right because I’ve never had the double heart. it’s been yellow the whole time until today which is 105 days.

  10. Kacy

    I’ve been best friends with my boyfriend for 132 days and it just turned into a red heart
    If you don’t wanna do the math that’s four months and two weeks

  11. Leigh

    I have gone through and ruled out almost every option in the comment section with my case alone. My friend and I have been best friends for at least 59 days, that’s just how long our snap streak is, and it just turned red today. We are both very confused by it. Can someone just ask Snapchat?

  12. cassandra

    it’s impossible for the red heart is two weeks and the two pink hearts is two months, because I got the one heart on 108 days.. so if what everyone is saying is right shouldn’t I have the two pink hearts?

  13. Brandon

    My yellow heart just turned red. But it did it at 114 consecutive days. We have had the yellow heart for the entire 114 days. That’s more than 2 weeks and 2 months

  14. Oreo

    I have had the ? for 2months and i never had ? (idthink) but i have d ❤️ And got it after talking for 71? so it must b something like about time u been talking

  15. Georgia

    me and my boyfriend get it at 146 days.. and we’ve been top best friends with the yellow heart for that whole 146 days so I don’t think it means you’ve been best friends for two weeks

  16. Lexy

    I have a red heart and have had it for 2 days but we haven’t snapped consistently over 2 weeks. My thing has 4?❤️

  17. emily

    I’ve been snap chatting the same person for 75 days straight and my heart just turned red yesterday so that 2 week shit ain’t the reason

  18. danny

    Me and my bestfriend have 145?.. xD but the heart did change from yellow to red o.O it barely changed like 2 days ago. We’ve had the yellow heart for more than 2 months

  19. Courtney W

    My bestfriend and I have been best friends on snapchat for over a year now and we have had a hot streak of 141 days now. It just turned red in the past couple of days and I want to know why.

  20. Khalia mckoy

    Just because you have a snapstreak doesn’t mean that you guys Snapchat each other the most. The yellow heart means you are mutual #1 best friends.

  21. muah

    i have a 122 day sc streak and its a yellow heart. i had a 26 day sc streak with someone else and i got a red heart for them. the yellow heart went away for the other person. if you have a heart, it means you’re each others #1 best friend.

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  25. vrush

    Its 14 days now my golden heart got disappeared we are number 1 best friends of each other it suppose to be red heart can anybody explain what going on

  26. JonF

    Guys, I think it is the number of times you snap them, not depending on the days. So say, if you snap someone 20 times a day, every day, you will get to the red heart faster than if you only snap that person 5 times a day, everyday.

  27. Z

    Hi, so me and my best friend have had the two pink love hearts emoji on snapchat forever which means we are each others #1 best friend for over 2 months. This means that we sent the most snapchats to each other right? I believe it is. Could you please also tell me how this happened. The other day my two pink love hearts emoji disappeared and my best friend now has a red love heart emoji with her other friend. Is this a glitch as how is this possible when for the past two weeks we have continued to have two pink love hearts emoji?

  28. Angel

    Same here… Mine was red suddenly to into yellow but me and my friend were still on ❤ the day before. It’s made me quite sad and turned into paranoid tho. 😂

  29. Anna

    I’ve been best friends on snap with my bf for like 4 months and it just went from a double pink heart to a red heart? What?

  30. Charity

    It means that if you were the only person they snapped chat the most you had the pink hearts now if it changes it means they found someone else they snap more than you or you found someone else you Snap more that’s all

  31. Jess

    On my Snapchat my number 1 best friend and I have a ❤️ But on their Snapchat we have a 💛 whys that?


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