When Will Red Oaks Season 3 Come Out on Amazon Prime? 2017 Release?

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Red Oaks has been one of the more successful Amazon Prime Original series. Unfortunately, fans have had to wait almost two years without a new season. This show is quite unique in that there are not many shows about a kid growing up in the country club setting. For anyone that has played golf or tennis at a country club, they know just how funny this show is.

There are many laugh out loud moments during the first two seasons and it will be very interesting to see what the writers come up with for the third season. We are still waiting for an official confirmation on the date in which season 3 will be made available to all Amazon Prime users.

When do you think Season 3 of Red Oaks should come out? Do you want it out before the summer or fall? If you binged watched the first two seasons, do you plan to watch all of season 3 in one weekend or even one sitting?

Do you think Amazon should continue this series with a season 4 and season 5. While Amazon does not usually sign on for multiple seasons, this is a show that has gained in popularity with each season.

What do you think Amazon should do with the show? Release as many season as possible?

7 thoughts on “When Will Red Oaks Season 3 Come Out on Amazon Prime? 2017 Release?

  1. Dan

    Love this show one of my favourites ever, captures the 80’s perfectly, three seasons isn’t enough we want MORE!!!


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