Republican Rumble Debate Snapchat Story on October 28th, 2015

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We are seeing more and more political stories on Snapchat as the 2016 Presidential race nears. Tonight the Republican candidates are in Boulder, Colorado for another debate. Interestingly, Snapchat has named this story the Republican Rumble. All the big names will be there as Ben Carson looks to overtake Donald Trump in the polls. Here are a few of the screenshots I took of this Snapchat story:

republican-debate-round-3-snapchat ben-carson-republican-snapchat-story republican-rumble-debate-snapchat colorado-republican-debate-snapchat

Snapchat is very smart to make a push for political content and stories because there will be huge money going into the presidential election in 2016. Look for Snapchat to have quite a few stories for specific candidates in the very near future.

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