Why I Will Not Transcribe Blog Posts with Rev.com Anymore

Rev.com offers an amazing service. If you are looking for transcription there is no better price for the quality. That said, after completing five “spoken” blog posts it is quite obvious the quality is simply not there. The way I speak to my MacBook and the way I type are completely different. I babble on with random sentences and extensions of paragraphs when I am speaking. This is especially true when I am simply trying to fill time and add words.

In the future, I am going to type all the blog posts for Wojdylo Social Media and my clients. Fortunately, I did not jump into transcribing blog posts for my clients as I would have to immediately take them down due to lack of quality. I am still editing my Rev.com blog posts that are live now (on this website) and I am very tempted to take them down.

For the time being I am going to leave them up and see if anyone comments about the quality. If you read one of my transcribed posts vs one of my written posts you will clearly see the difference.

If using Rev.com is something you have considered to get more content on your website remember that quality is better than quantity. You don’t need 15 blog posts if you have one really good blog post. That one really good blog posts will have more readers and you will get more links simply because it is written at a higher quality level.

Do you use Rev.com? Have you ever tried to transcribe blog posts?

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