Richie Tozier One Liners and Comebacks from 2017 It Movie

Wow, what a great movie “It” is. Most would agree that Richer Tozier’s one liners and comebacks are the highlight. While we can’t remember them all, hopefully with your help we can get most of them on this resource. If you remember some of his one liners, please comment below with what you can recall.

“You punched me, made me walk through shitty water, dragged me through a crack house and now I’m gonna have to kill this fucking clown.”

“Do you need to be a virgin to see this fucking clown?”

“Who invited Molly Ringwald?”

“As long as my wang? That’s pretty short”

“Derry was started as a beaver trading camp.” “Still is, am I right, boys?”

“Do you and your mom use the same toilet? Then you probably have crabs.”

“You are lucky we aren’t measuring dick lengths.”

“Go blow your dad you mullet wearing asshole.”

“How did I draw the short straw? You are lucky this wasn’t a dick measuring contest.”

“Look at this motherfucker; he is leaking Hamburger Helper.”

“I’ll show you a staph infection”

‘Are those birth control pills?’ “Yeah. I’m saving them for your sister”

“I’m sorry you had to clean up a bathroom that looks like Eddie’s mom was on her month.”

“Doesn’t smell like caca to me señor.”

Please carry on the conversation below with other Richie one liners and comebacks.

40 thoughts on “Richie Tozier One Liners and Comebacks from 2017 It Movie

    1. Adino

      Richie: “what do I do if her dad comes back??”

      Stan: “Do what you always do, start talking!!”

      Richie: “It’s a gift..”

  1. Jay nug

    Honestly Richie was not funny to me but I liked the movie I felt he didn’t come out natural or maybe if this movie was the first then there would be a better movie

      1. Julianna

        Yea it’s “this is the best feeling ever”or something because he was emptying their backpacks and then Richie says “try tickling your pickle for the first time”

    1. Ashley Easler

      *emptying out their backpacks*
      “This feels so good”
      Richie- “oh yeah, try tickling your pickle for the first time”

  2. bubba

    yea someone said something about “the best feeling ever” and richies said “then youve never tickled your pickle before”

  3. James

    Richie: I’ll start my training.
    Eddie: What Training?
    Richie: Street Fighter.
    Eddie: Is That how you wanna spend your summer inside of an Arcade?
    Richie: Beats spending it inside your mother.

  4. Jace

    – Look at this motherfucker! He’s leaking Hamburger Helper!
    – You think they’ll sign my yearbook? “Dear Richie, sorry for taking a steaming dump in your backpack last month. Have a great summer!”
    – B: What’d she do? R: More like who’d she do! From what I hear, the list is longer than my wang. S: That’s not saying much.
    – He didn’t stutter once.
    – Eddie! We’re not playing hide and seek, dipshit!
    – R: What do I do if her dad comes back? S: Do what you always do! Start talking. R: It is a gift.
    – S: That’s poison ivy, that’s poison ivy, that’s poison ivy.. R: Not every fucking plant is poison ivy, Stanley!
    – I’m glad I got to meet you before you died.

    1. Daisy

      R:Eddie look at me. R: Im gonna snap your arm back into place!! E: DO NOT!! DO NOT FUCKING TOUCH ME!!! richie and Eddie are my favoriate I ship them # REDDIE and #FACKISREAL


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