Riyadh Life Snapchat Story on April 17th, 2015

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I have to admit, this one came out of nowhere. I would have never predicted that the Snapchat “Life” series would include Riyadh. I am very glad they did this. I learned quite a lot about the culture of the city through this Snapchat Story. The different food, drink and activities was pretty cool. Check out some of the screenshots here:

riyadh-life-snapchat-skyline ridayh-snapchat-food riyadh-life-snapchat-story-sunglasses riyadh-life-snapchat-story-tiger riyadh-life-snapchat-tea riyadh-life-snapchat-story

First of all, how awesome is that tiger? Don’t we all want a pet tiger? Many people will be searching “Where is Riyadh?” With a few quick Google searches you will find that it is the capital of Saudi Arabia. As the day progress remember that it will become nighttime in Riyadh as the United States starts to see the lunchtime and afternoon. I will be interested to see the nightlife in Riyadh.

7 thoughts on “Riyadh Life Snapchat Story on April 17th, 2015

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  2. ash

    Agreed! Wasn’t expecting this at all. Except there’s no ladies to be seen :s apart from the most recent snap of a lady in niqab on a skateboard hehe that made me chuckle.

  3. Sick

    You can also see from the snapchat how women are not taking part in public social life and that it is all about men…

  4. Angie

    Well Saudi is a place where you can be arrested for witchcraft among other things, so… I don’t know what to celebrate about the place, to be honest.

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