Rob Quist’s Response to Greg Gianforte Body Slamming Reporter [Video]

Well, it is all over the news and millions of people are starting to hear about Montana Congressional election candidate Greg Gianforte body slamming Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. If you haven’t heard the audio clip, you can listen to it here or below. It is safe to say this evening could greatly influence the election that was sure to go in favor of Republican Greg Gianforte before the eve of the election.

After hearing of the body slamming “event”, Democratic opponent Rob Quist was very, shall we say, politically correct in his response. Watch the video here:

If you are in Bozemon, Montana you will want to get out and vote before taking your Memorial Day weekend fly fishing trip on the Yellowstone, Madison or Boulder River.

How do you feel about this election? Do you think Quist can defeat Gianforte even though he is a heavy favorite?

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