Robbinsville, NC in Moonshiners Discovery TV Show

Over the last two years I have highlighted some of the “characters” in Moonshiners including Jim Tom and Josh and Bill. What I have not done is explain the areas in which these Moonshiners reside and make their money. Having grown up in Graham County, North Carolina I know way too much about Robbinsville, NC. In the 2015-2016 season of Moonshiners there are graphics of the state of North Carolina that show Robbinsville, which is very hard for most of us to get used to as Robbinsville is almost never on a map.

We have seen Jeff and Mark in Robbinsville quite a bit during the current season as they are trying to sell scotch and peach whiskey. In one of the more recent episodes they are trying to get $240 a gallon for their high grade moonshine but only get $200. If they want to get to their sales figure they have to go back to their still site which was “invaded” in some of the earlier episodes of this season.

If you are from Robbinsville, how do you feel about the depiction on Moonshiners? I know there isn’t much “in town” but there are plenty of scenes in the mountains with the beautiful colors. Having grown up fly fishing for rainbow, brown and brook trout in western North Carolina I can say that it is nice to see some of the crystal clear streams.

As one of the Moonshiners says, “You won’t find better water anywhere else in the world.” That is the truth. While there are other things about Robbinsville that are not so great, no one can complain about the cleanliness of the natural water.

If you are ever in Western North Carolina make a stop by Graham County. Try to do so on a Friday night in which the Black Knights are on the field against a rival like Swain or Murphy. You will get to experience true high school football just like it was intended to be. I think they should film the new FX Show Southern Bastards in Robbinsville as the comic books remind me so much of the town I grew up in.

Over the next few weeks and months I will try to continue to update this resource with the depictions of Robbinsville, North Carolina in the Discovery Channel TV Show Moonshiners.

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