The Rule of Five to Grow a Successful Business

Over the last few days I have devoured The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. If you have not read it, go get it right now. Do not even finish this article. It is that good. One of the themes of the book is a little a lot goes a very long way. He introduced me to the idea of the rule of five. The rule of five is to do five small things every day to improve your business, relationships and/or life. If you are willing to do five things every single day you are not going to fail.

Jack Canfield mentioned the inventor of Re/Max. He stated that this individual went to five different real estate agents every single day in an attempt to build his company. During the first 200 to 250 days most agents laughed at him. For the first two or three years only a handful of realtors jumped on board. By the time five years rolled around the company was well on its way to becoming the biggest real estate agent company in the entire United States.

The rule of five is simply. Take the time to do five things every day to improve your business. Maybe it is send out five emails to past customers. Maybe you can prospect five potential clients. For me, creating five unique blog posts is a great idea. If I created five new blog posts for my website every day I would have 1825 blog posts in a single year. That is a lot of keywords to rank for!

I challenge you to use the rule of five to improve your business. What can you do every single day that will make your business better? If you are struggling to come up with five tasks feel free to shoot me an email and I will be more than happy to brain storm with you. In fact, that may be one of the five things you do; contact someone that can help you grow your business.

A word of warning for those that work on the Internet. I would not simply send five emails or respond to five comments on your website every day. This is something you should be doing anyway. Pick up the phone and call five visitors to your website. Go to lunch with some of the people that have helped you grow your Internet presence. There are a number of “in real life” tasks you can do that do not involve Facebook, Twitter or other forms of social media. Once again, if you need some ideas, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

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