When Will Sacred Games Season 2 Come Out on Netflix?

Sacred Games season 1 is the talk of the online streaming world. So much so that Sacred Games season 1 on Netflix actually has a higher rating on IMDB (9.6) than Game of Thrones. That will likely change, but it is very rare for a TV show to ever eclipse 9.0 no less 9.5 on IMDB. With this being the case, most people that have binge watched season 1 of Sacred Games are already eagerly looking for a release date of Season 2. The good news is, there will definitely be a season 2.

We know that Netflix has already started with the filming of season 2 but we are not sure when it will be released. Our guess is sometime in August of 2019 you will get to see Sacred Games season 2. That said, La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) season 2 was released less than a few months after season 1 was released on Netflix. That said, Money Heist already had a first season that was out in Spain much longer than it was out on Netflix.

Are you ready for Sacred Games season 2? Did you think season 1 warranted a rating of 9.5 or higher on IMDB?

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