Safari Life Snapchat Story on September 3rd, 2015

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Yesterday we had farm life and today we have safari life. The team at Snapchat is uploading videos and pictures from Tanzania today. We will see zebras, giraffes and elephants. Who knows what other videos and pictures will pop up throughout the day. I think this is a push Snapchat is doing to get users from different areas; especially smaller parts of the world. Here are a few screenshots I took:

giraffe-snapchat-safari-life-story zebras-snapchat-safari-life-story snapchat-story-safari-life safari-life-snapchat-story

I have absolutely zero experience with Tanzania or the African safari so there isn’t much I can add to the conversation. If you have been to the safari do you think this Snapchat story correctly depicts the area? I did notice Anastasia Ashley mentioned some safari stuff on her story but she is in Greece right now.

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