San Francisco Life Snapchat Story on April 30th, 2015

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On the final day of April 2015 Snapchat finally gave us the San Francisco Life Story. I am actually surprised it took this long. Shockingly, this was not one of the better Snapchat city stories I have seen. In fact, it was a little bit lacking with all San Francisco has to offer. There were only a few videos of the Golden Gate bridge and nearly nothing from the popular tech areas of the city. I was shocking to see nothing from places like Facebook, Google or Twitter. Maybe Snapchat is waiting for the $30 billion investment from one of them before they will show them off on the stories. Here are some of the screenshots I took of this story:

startup-dog-snapchat-story sf-life-snapchat-story golden-gate-bridge-snapchat-story san-francisco-life-snapchat-story

If you live in San Francisco were you a little disappointed in this Snapchat Story? What do you think should have been added? What can you tell us that is unique and wonderful about your city?

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