What is the Science Behind the Black and Blue or White and Gold Dress?

Social media and internet broke today because of the black and blue or white and gold dress. Below is the photo that was circulating on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. What color do you think this dress is?


Here is some of the science behind it.


Also, here is the photo without being over exposed:


It is amazing how a single photo can go viral on the Internet. At the outset, I saw black and blue for the dress as I see absolutely no white and gold. I texted the photo to a few of my friends and they saw white and gold. I thought it might be a hereditary thing so I texted my brother and he told me he saw white and gold dispelling the hereditary thing. So, I did some more research and a friend sent me this video:

Overall, I believe the dress is black and blue. What do you think? What colors do you see?

One thought on “What is the Science Behind the Black and Blue or White and Gold Dress?

  1. Jo fuller

    Thank you! I’m an artist and I’ve been getting really pissed about this. I’ve been trying to argue that it was a photo that was way over exposed. I knew that there was no way that that stupid dress was black and blue unless the photo was messed with. I live in Arizona and any photo or poster hanging in a store window or left in the sun looks over exposed. You are my hero. Thank you again.


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