Can You See if Someone Screenshots an Instagram Story?

When Instagram released Stories most Snapchat users felt as if it was a complete rip off. It is basically the same thing. Well, there is one big difference. On Snapchat, you can see when someone screenshots a story with the little green arrow that points to the right. On Instagram, there is no way to tell if someone has screenshotted a story. This is a huge concern for many people that are considering posting to Instagram vs Snapchat.

It is important to note, that once a Snapchat users gets over 200 views it is very hard to tell if someone screenshots a story. This is something we have tried to get fixed with the last several updates and it simply has not happened. In the future, one would hope that Snapchat allows you to see all the people that screenshotted a picture or video on a story.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow you to see anyone that screenshotted a story. This is very frustrating as most people want to know, with 100% confidence, just how has their picture on their iPhone or Android.

Because Instagram does not allow you to see who screenshotted your story it is likely the case that many people are not using this feature nearly as much as they are using Snapchat. If you had the ability to see Instagram Story screenshots would you use it more? Would you ever use Instagram Stories more than Snapchat stories?

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