Most Searched Auto Brand on Google – Ford TV Commercial

During the 2015 Super Bowl there was a TV commercial during the second half of the game that asked, “Do you know what the most searched Auto brand on Google is?” It is interesting that Ford, the maker of the commercial, didn’t say they were the most searched auto brand on the Internet, but rather the most searched brand on Google. Below is a chart of the brands based on Google Trends.


It is important to note that “Chevrolet” and “Chevy” are searched about the same. So, when looking at this chart it is the case that Ford is head and shoulders above all other brands with Honda coming in second and Toyota coming in third. This is interesting as Honda briefly jumped above Ford back in 2009 but Ford has dominated ever since.

Having been in the SEO and search industry for quite some time I can tell you that shorter words are searched much more than longer words. This is why brands do their best to come up with short business names. Also, remember that Ford is pretty much the brand that most people think of when they think of the motor vehicle. It was Henry Ford that created the motorized vehicle, correct?

Also remember that these are all Google searches meaning any type of search with “Ford” in it is added to the total. Ford is a very common last name; heck, it is the last name of a former president. I don’t think Chevy or Chevrolet is a very common last name. All that being said, Ford has done a fantastic job of branding themselves with concept cars and future models of the Mustang. As we move forward in 2015 and into 2016 I will continue to monitor the most search car and truck brands.

Below is the chart comparing the F150 and the Silverado when it comes to Google searches:


Notice how close these two searches are. Also recognize how the trend is upward for specific pickup truck names. Something I have noticed in the last several years is that searches are getting much more specific rather than vague. When looking at Google trends for “fly fishing” or “skiing” the trends are down. When looking at specific rivers and resorts the trends are up. This is something to think about when trying to get more Google searches to your website through SEO and content.

Another interesting chart is the Google Domestic Trends for the “Automotive” category. While the overall category has is not at an all time high it is quite obvious it has bottomed out and is starting to move higher heading into the spring and summer of 2015.


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