How Do I See My Friends’ Selfie Ghost on Snapchat?

One of the cool new features of Snapchat is the Selfie Ghost or the Snapcode Selfie. This is the QR Code Snapchat makes for every user. Prior to July 2015 the QR Code or Snapcode was simply a white ghost. Now, users can take a series of selfies that goes inside the ghost so when they add someone that person can see who it is. This is great, but how can you see your current friends Selfie Ghost?

At this point, I have not found a way to view your current friends selfie ghost. I have asked around and no one really knows. What is the point in creating a Snapchat Profile Ghost if none of your friends can see it? I would imagine that with the next update they are going to put this selfie ghost beside the name of your friends when you look at your friends list.

Another popular question related to the selfie ghost is how to I just take one picture and not four? Once again, I am not sure how to do this yet but I will play around with it. It you sit very still and snap all four pictures it will look like one but that is a pain.

Over the next few days I will try to figure out how to do one picture for the selfie ghost and will dig up some resources to see if you have the ability to view the selfie ghost of your current Snapchat friends. A work around would be to remove a friend and have them add you back. Then you could see their Selfie Ghost. This would be a pain though.

8 thoughts on “How Do I See My Friends’ Selfie Ghost on Snapchat?

  1. Michael

    People will see your selfie ghost when they go to add you using the QR code feature. I think this is probably all it’s there for. Just to make that interaction more fun.

    1. marit


      I’ve been googling around to find the answer for the selfie-thing my self. And now I just found out.
      If you open a chat with one of your friends, you’ll see a “list”-icon on in the top left corner. Just press it, and you’ll see your friend’s info, and his/hers snap selfie.

      1. Jennifer

        I did that, but when I click the white ghost, for most my friends the yellow ghost outline/backdrop appears, but for the others it stays as the white ghost. Do you know why that is?

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  4. Marit

    Hi! I’ve been wondering about the same thing, and I Just found out. If you start a chat with a friend, there’s a small icon om the top left side of the page. Just go in there and find information about your friend as well as his /her selfie.


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