Should I Send Nudes on Snapchat?

As I ponder this question to myself, I ask the group of girls sitting at a table with me what exactly would prompt someone to want to send someone nudes via snapchat. It seemed to have come to a consensus of three different answers:

  1. You’re really feeling this guy, but not sure if he’s feeling you
  2. You’ve been talking/dating a guy for a good bit of time and want to send him a risky picture, but don’t want him to be able to keep it forever
  3. F*ck it. Why not?

For starters, if you are beginning to like a guy, and aren’t sure if it’s mutual, maybe start with something less extreme. Like, a lunch date, or maybe a double text. If you’re iffy, this is probably not your best idea ever. Because you will either get a response that he’s totally into it, but probably just wants to hookup now that his first romantic impression of you is your lady bits, or he will say something like that he’s actually dating Tina in your math class, and then the rest of your semester you have to spend sitting in the back avoiding her glares because she now knows what your bare ass looks like. Oh, and so does her boyfriend. Oops.

Secondly, I understand this point of view. You’ve been seeing someone awhile, you’ve already been intimate, so why not? Well, while this isn’t the worst idea ever, it’s probably not the best either. If the idea is that you do not want him to have inappropriate photos of you forever, in reality, sending nude pictures over Snapchat, or text message, will never be deleted. So if you do not want someone you’re close with to have them forever, I can almost guarantee you don’t want the cyber world to have them either.

Now lastly, maybe you and a guy are in a weird situation, friends with benefits, or you’re just frankly feeling ballsy. If you have this mindset, there is probably nothing that can change your mind. So, with that being said, arch your back, flex your abs, and remember that your photo will be out in cyberspace forever you bad ass bitch.

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  1. Akine

    Just to let you know the latest update on snapchat. It has a friends list and then other snapchatters. Under the views, yiu have the friends you know and have added back and the one you don’t know and didn’t add back. Thank you


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