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This page will host the SEO Copywriting ideas and highlight the content published by the Wojdylo Social Media team. If you would like to rank better in search, please feel free to reach out to Jesse Wojdylo at as there are many packages we have that can greatly assist any business when it comes to getting business from ranking in Google search.

November 30th, 2014 – Today concluded the first month of my one month hobby site test. Each month I am going to pick a hobby or interest and publish at least 30 blog posts on the subject. During the month of November I devoted my time to the website Wojdylo Golf. You can access it at if you are interested. My goal is to see which one of my hobbies or interests will actually generate search traffic to a website.

One of the main reasons I decided to do this was to start writing on more things I am interested in. I write on everything from personal injury law to orthodontics. While I try to make it as interesting as possible, it is not my true passion. Why not pick out a subject matter that I truly enjoy and create content for a unique website – that is what I did. I am already seeing the return on my Wojdylo Golf website. Yesterday, the website received 12 search visitors which is better than some websites that have been up for years.

While 12 search visitors may not seem like a lot of visitors to many, I think it is fantastic for a website that is not even a full month old. My hobby site for the month of December is going to be which will be devoted to my discussion about comic books.

November 29th, 2014 – With today being rivalry Saturday in college football most people know what I would doing. I absolutely love college football and would not mind getting some sports clients. Unfortunately, most sports businesses have yet to see the value of ranking in Google search. That is another story for another time.

Today, I completed three live blog resources during the following games. NC State vs UNC, Florida State vs Florida and Alabama vs Auburn. Each of these resources were over 1500 words which is awesome. I would have never guessed that I would publish over 4500 words of content just by watching football. I did notice that it was harder to get as much content out as the day wore on. I am certain part of this was simply due to the fact that I needed a rest. Between the Florida State vs Florida and Alabama vs Auburn game I did some yoga and took a walk. This helped a bit.

I am still deciding how I want to use the content for my sports and entertainment websites. I very well may allow some of my clients to sponsor live blogs so they get some recognition and exposure. We will see how that works out. Also, I plan on doing some more with my Social Media Rankings resources in the next few days.

November 28th, 2014 – I really like the idea of creating a “page” that is constantly updated with progress. This concept was brought to my attention by the website The Dan Plan in which a golfer is documenting all his golfing adventures all the way through 10,000 hours. The resource is enormous and extremely valuable. I am going to do that with my rounds of golf on Wojdylo Golf and I plan on doing that with this particular resource. I cannot even imagine how much content this particular resource is going to have when I document all of the copywriting ideas and content that is published. After doing a little research, I found The Dan Plan page that is updated with so much content is #1 in Google search for “Countdown to 10,000”. This is why content and copywriting is so important business owners!

Since June of 2014 I have said that Yelp is a beast. I know that I was a little late to the party but my business background combined with my SEO and Google search knowledge help me to recognize how Yelp could make or break a business. I have tried to do a few reviews every week but I have been negligent in that. While in DC for the Thanksgiving holiday I visited some amazing businesses like Kafe Leopold and the Nike Store in Georgetown. You should go check them both out! Knowing that Yelp is the most powerful review website on the Internet I decided to leave five star reviews for both of these businesses.

How could I not leave five star reviews when Yelp was the app that helped me to find Kafe Leopold. After using Yelp for a few weeks you will quickly find that it produces some of the best restaurants and businesses in cities throughout the United States. In fact, I am rarely disappointed when I go to a restaurant that has over 500 reviews and over a 3.5 star rating. If they have over 500 reviews and they have a 4 star rating I know this particular restaurant is going to be fantastic. If you are a business that sells a product or service you need to get on Yelp now. If you need help with it, please feel free to contact me as I have monthly SEO and search ranking packages that include Yelp consultation and setup.

One of my good friends has been killing it on Vine lately. He is a diehard UNC basketball fan and some of the early games have not been available to a national audience. This means fans are chomping at the bit to see the highlights. His highlights, via Vine, have accumulated over 40,000 loops in the last week. Today, I mentioned that it would be a great idea for him to make a “Sportscenter” type highlight blog post for all of his Vines. Here is what he created: UNC vs UCLA Vine Highlights.

If you have a business or product that can benefit from highlights or looping videos, I strongly suggest you get on Vine. Some of my golf Vines have been shared around the web and are accumulating thousands of loops. I do not sell any golf products, but if I did, it would be great for my exposure. Imagine if an up and coming golf club designer were active on Vine, receiving 10,000 loops per video. I would venture to guess that it would help them sell a few more golf clubs. If you want more information on Vine please feel free to contact me.

Today I made the trip from Washington, DC back to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. When taking long road trips I always get an audiobook that will challenge the way I think. For this trip, I checked out Roger Ebert autobiography from the Chapel Hill Public Library. Over the last few weeks my interest in TV, movies and entertainment has been piqued which is why I have been producing live blogs for UNC Television. With Roger Ebert being one of the most prolific movie reviewers of all time I thought it would be a great way to open my mind to new content creation ideas. I was not disappointed.

I have only listened to the first two CDs of the audio book but I can already tell you that it is amazing. I was not aware the Roger Ebert was a journalist that started out writing sports. I have always wondered if any journalists that start out in local sports become anything. Well, obviously this one did. One of the most important parts of the book is when Roger Ebert was discussing his ability to finish pieces quickly. He stated that he wasn’t the fastest writer on the team; he simply spent less time not writing.

One of the biggest challenges I have with clients and copywriters for my team is their inability to just get started. Once they get started the words flow on the page. Sadly, it can take hours and possibly even days to get a blog post or piece of content started. One of the main reasons I have published over 25,000 pieces of content on the web is because I waste very little time thinking about the topic and the opening paragraph. Much like Roger Ebert, I spend the majority of my time getting words on a page; webpage to be exact. Once the words are flowing, I can then come up with a title and an opening paragraph. This is something I strongly suggest you to consider if you struggle to produce content for your business website.

As I continue to listen to this audiobook I am certain I will come up with a ton of ideas for UNC Television and other websites related to entertainment. I have only listened to the point in which Roger Ebert is in college so I cannot even imagine the value I will get out of his career as a writer, journalist and movie critic.

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