Do Any SEO Firms Focus on Personal Injury Law Firms?

If you are a personal injury law firm looking for an SEO company that focuses on personal injury law contact us today at We have monthly SEO and content packages that will help you get more traffic and, more importantly, more cases.

Over the last several years, a number of law firms have gotten fed up with paying for SEO and web hosting while getting nothing in return. This is not uncommon as some “SEO firms” will offer a package that includes backend SEO coding that doesn’t do much to help with search rankings. Many SEO ¬†and marketing firms offer nothing in the form of content and very little in terms of proper link building.

In essence, personal injury law firms are paying a company to host a website and do little else. With that in mind, some personal injury lawyers may be asking if there are good SEO companies or firms that work specifically with personal injury law firms. The answer is yes. Contact us today at to start working with one of those companies.

If you work at a law firm in Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta or Miami there is a good chance your competitors are working diligently to rank on the front page of Google search. If you signed up with an SEO company that is not working out, you may find that your firm is losing many cases and clients to the competition. Rather than allowing this to happen, it would be wise to work with an SEO firm that has knowledge of your specific industry and legal vertical.

While a large SEO company can likely offer marketing and branding, do they really know what keywords people are searching for when it comes to premises liability or slip and fall injuries? Do they know if people are searching for settlement checks to cover medical bills? Are they aware of the assumption of risk in your state? Likely not.

For this reason, you should complete your due diligence and find a personal injury SEO firm that knows the proper keywords to go after in the form of consistent articles and page updates. At our company, we work with a number of large personal injury firms that go after car accident, traumatic brain injury and big rig accident cases. Having working with the larger firms in major cities, we are well aware of what victims are searching for in a time of need.

Rather than allowing your competitors to get that $5 million big rig, truck accident case, you will want to make certain your law firm is at the top of Google search for both that specific accident as well as keywords such as Houston truck accident lawyer. If you would like to start ranking higher in search contact us today at We have a number of monthly SEO and content packages that can help your law firm get more cases from your website.

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