How to SEO Optimize Pictures for a Mortgage Broker Website

Having professional photos and appealing pictures is very important for any website. It is extremely important for any website related to buying and selling a home. If your mortgage broker website is clunky and has photos that are not properly inserted you could miss out on clients picking up the phone to give you a call. You could also miss out on search visitors by not having SEO optimized pictures.

To properly optimize pictures and photos you will need to make certain the files are named correctly. Most picture files are named like this – dsc3983.jpg. How many people looking for financing for a home are searching dsc3983? The answer is zero. Instead, you should name the file for your picture Atlanta-mortgage-broker-services.jpg. This tells Google what your website is about. It also gives you the opportunity to show up in Google Image search when someone uses those phrases. Do not discount the power of Google image search.

Something else you must do to optimize photos for your website is make certain they are the proper size. If they are too large they could take a long time to load. If they are too small, some visitors might not be able to make out what is in the picture. Properly optimize photos depend on the size of screen of the website visitor. Fortunately, WordPress has responsive themes that allow iPhone, Android phone, laptop, tablet and desktop users to see the photo or picture in high quality.

If you are struggling to SEO optimize the pictures or photos for your mortgage broker website feel free to reach out to us at We can help you with all the technical aspects of SEO and make certain you are not missing out on any potential website visitors.

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