Is SEO for Orthodontist Just Optimizing the Right Keywords?

If you are an orthodontics practice looking to rank higher in Google search with proper SEO contact us today at We have monthly packages that can assist you in getting more patients from your website.

There are hundreds of SEO firms selling packages that include 50 pages of deliverables. Everything from title tags to meta descriptions to proper plugin optimization. Does all of this matter to orthodontics websites or is it just optimizing the right keywords? Well, it is a little bit of both.

The backend coding of a website absolutely matters. Fortunately, WordPress does most of the proper coding naturally which is why it is such a great web software product. In website design, less is more. Try not to get to in depth with all the plugins and coding features of a WordPress website. While you will want your orthodontics website to be beautiful, you do not want the backend broken and uncrawlable by Google.

In 2016, website designs should know the importance of sticking to the basics. There is no reason an orthodontics website should have 25 plugins or numerous WordPress or coding errors. It would be better to have a basic WordPress theme that functions than a customized theme that is completely broken because a designer implemented too many unnecessary lines of code.

Keywords are extremely important in terms of SEO and ranking in Google search. That said, ranking for keywords is much more than simply mentioning them on a website. Coming up with 100% unique content related to specific keywords is essential. Most SEO firms, boutiques and agencies are very bad at helping clients publish unique content. Orthodontic and dental copywriting is a skill not many have. Fortunately, we have created a team of content writers that have the ability to create consistent, quality content for orthodontic and dental clients.

The SEO is proper backend optimization, quality content updated consistently and building links in the correct manner. If an SEO firm can do this within your price point, you will be able to rank in search. If they cannot deliver these tasks you are going to find that your money is being flushed down the drain. If you are an orthodontics practice that would like to rank in Google search contact us today at We have a number of monthly packages that can help you outrank your competition today.

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