The SEO Value of Comments on a Website

Each and every day, the Google algorithm robots are finetuning their programs to catch yet another way in which webmasters are trying to dupe the indexing system. Google Penguin, for example, is primarily responsible for downranking low quality, irrelevant or redundant  spammy content. But what if you, the domain owner, aren’t responsible for some of the content being left on your page via blog comments, for example? How should you referee the open forum? Should you just deactivate user comments to make it easier? Or should you just leave it as a free for all, because the more the better, right? All of these are great questions, and hopefully ones you might have if you’ve ended up reading this article.

Should I allow users to comment on my blog or article?

Absolutely. It’s important to leave an open line of communication between the reader and the author, and provides free content for your page. However, it’s important to screen what commenters are contributing because they could be spamming your website for their own gain, and that hurts the both of you SEO-wise. While these spammy link posters are soon to find that out the hard way, hopefully you’ll catch this no-no before it ends up hurting your website. If you aren’t careful about cleaning up your comments (anything unrelated to the post can usually just be deleted or responded to privately), Google Penguin can sweep in and punish your site for trying to manipulate the indexing system, even if you weren’t responsible for the spammy content in the first place.

On the bright side, if you enable comments and experience any sort of virality to the post, it’s likely that readers will comment, potentially adding new, valuable information to your site creating their own related topic-related discussion below the post. And you’re better off for it. We recently wrote an article about Noah “N.D.” Brown of Alaskan Bush People and had 28 different users comment on the post, each offering their own unique perspective and response to the article. This only made our post stronger, increasing the keyword vocabulary and interaction on the page, something the Google bots like a lot: unique, user generated content.

2 thoughts on “The SEO Value of Comments on a Website

  1. Mona Lisa Hogg

    Alaskan Bush Family, they barter, they trade, they work, pay attention folks they are doing what they want and it is entertaining otherwise you would not be making so many negative comments. If you could get your life story on any channel you would and you know it, why bother hating those who are interesting enough to have their story told via fiction or non-fiction. If you are perfect or anyone you know then by all means run for president we need an honest one for a change. Otherwise sweep up around your own door step before you begin talking about how dirty someone else’s is. Remember to judge not lest you be judged by what you judge others by. Everyone seems to point out short comings in others that are within themselves. Realize that others are talking about you behind your back for the short comings they see in you just as you are this family. These kids show respect to their parents, they are being taught by their dad to do what is necessary without his help because they need to know how and do it without him. Maybe dad has health problems that are none of our business, ever think of that. Maybe just maybe he is the foreman on the job and no foreman does the hard work they already put in their time, they guide others.
    Ami did not stir the hid mixture, she showed the girls how to do it and stood by as they did it. It is called “learning by doing” not by being shown. Heck that is the best way as you will remember how to do it if you actually do it instead of being shown or told. Something our schools are failing to do these days. Heck look it up on pc then answer the question instead of reading, studying and doing the hard work so you do learn. Nah, it is easier to ask google etc. Dumbing down the future generations of all people, creating a future slave population instead of self thinking, hard working, individuals. I would rather be in the wilderness with this family than living in neighborhood full of self righteous ppl. Good on you Brown family, God bless you always.

  2. Alan Search

    If nothing else comments generate traffic and traffic helps with rankings so I would ahve thought that having comments open is generally a good idea as well.


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