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Ranking on the front page of Google search matters. Businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals recognize that their bottom line profits can change drastically depending on where they stand in Google search. If you are in an industry in which Google search matters and would like to rank higher please feel free to reach out to me at I have worked with clients in the most competitive industries on the Internet and have been able to help their websites reach the front page.

You can also find more at my Google Search Algorithm Expert Consultant page.

In the legal, medical, finance and real estate industries it is often accepted that it takes years to rank on the front page of Google search. If you are willing to commit the time and energy to a website through great content you can rank within six to nine months depending on the industry. Some clients have been able to rank in three months and the phones immediately started ringing. These clients have had to drastically expand because they were getting more business than they could handle. If this is what you desire please feel free to reach out to me today.

Two things I absolutely love are to research and to read. By combining these two passions I have realized that content writing and copywriting is the best way to apply my skills. Over the last five years I have written over 10,000 articles on topics related to legal content, finance, real estate, insurance, medical content, seasonal trends, social media, Google, Android, retail, shopping sales and everything in between. This content is available to view upon request. I am always open to proposals for copywriting but my availability is limited. Please reach out to me at if you are seeking a content writing team that has the capacity to help you rank in Google search.

12 thoughts on “Services Offered

  1. Anou


    Our articles posted on our google + page always rank number 1 for our keywords in google search, but our google page followers are not displayed next to our page.

    Please give some advise or email if you provide this as a paid service.


  2. John Sutton

    I’m a photographer who posts at least once a day, and often more, on G+. While initially my follower count increased steadily it has hardly moved at all, up or down, for more than 2 of the three years I’ve been using the platform. While I enjoy the limited engagement I do have, I admit the absence of growth is disappointing and wonder if I’m wasting my time.

  3. Tamara


    I was wondering, do you also offer packages for sites that aren’t in English? My sites are all in Dutch but I would like them to rank a bit better, and I don’t know where to start :p.



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  5. maddie

    these new selfie features don’t work, but i have the trophy thing (which is kinda useless) and on top of that my videos are glitchy and jump around and freeze…oh the app freezes all the time.

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