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If you are looking for SEO or content services to rank better in Google search contact me at I have monthly packages that can help your law firm get more cases.

As we move into 2016 many personal injury and DUI lawyers are looking to get more clients through Google search. Almost every lawyer in America knows someone that is getting cases from the Internet. This is one of the most effective forms of marketing because those that search for your legal services are in need. If you advertise on a billboard, bus or through a TV commercial you are hitting a lot of people that are not in need of your legal services.

With this in mind, it is smart to build out a very strong web presence through a website. While I suggest WordPress there are a number of options available when it comes to legal websites. WordPress is my favorite because it allows you to update old content and publish new content very easily. Most lawyers and attorneys know the importance of fresh and unique content. If it is like pulling teeth to get fresh content published most won’t do it. If you have a WordPress legal website you can publish content easier than sending an email.

What It Takes to Rank for Car Accident and DUI Keywords

If you want to rank for “[your city] car accident lawyer” or “[your city] DUI lawyer” it is not going to happen overnight. These keywords are very competitive because they basically guarantee you are going to get phone calls each and every day. To rank for competitive keywords you will need to properly optimize your website. The two more important factors in the Google algorithm are content and links.

While many legal websites have plenty of links pointing to them they simply don’t have enough fresh content. Creating fresh content is imperative if you hope to beat out your competition. In fact, there is no way you can have too much content. For some of my most successful legal clients my team publishes three to five new blog posts every single week. These blog posts are unique and focused which helps them rank for very competitive keyword phrases.

One way to creatively come up with content is to carve a niche in your area. Some lawyers may be focusing on DUI laws or car accidents that have happened but is anyone focusing on the roads that need repaired? Is anyone focusing on the intersections in which there are the most accidents? Has one of your competitors created a resource on the areas in which most drunk driving citations are issued?

When working together, we can create some unique and fresh content that will naturally create links to your website. If you are doing something no other lawyer is doing you are going to get links from news outlets and other reliable websites throughout the local area.

How to Get Cases from Google Search

After you have a team creating great content, you are getting natural links and your website is optimized you will need to make certain users know how to contact you. You can have the best personal injury lawyer SEO team in the world but it won’t matter if your website creates a poor user experience. If you want to know the best layout for a legal or law firm website do not hesitate to contact me at I have several monthly SEO packages as well as consulting packages that can help you get more cases from Google search.

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