Is a Sesame Dental or Orthodontics Website WordPress? Can I Add Content?

Sesame Communications is one the largest web design and Internet marketing companies that offers services strictly to dental and orthodontics professionals. If you have been to a conference in the last several years you have seen Sesame Communications offering their services. If you have been with Sesame for years you might have a few questions as it relates to adding content to your website.

Sesame Communications does not offer WordPress websites. In fact, they have their own proprietary software meaning you will have to pay extra to update your website. If you have added new employees, extra services or are hosting a monthly contest and would like to add content this can cost anywhere from $100 to $150 for every piece of content that is uploaded.

From an SEO perspective, this can get extremely expensive. A very large part of SEO (search engine optimization) is adding completely unique content on a consistent basis. In fact, we encourage anyone hoping to rank for highly competitive keywords to upload or publish unique content multiple times a week. If you are paying $100 per update this could cost as much as $500 to $1000 a week just to have to the content published. This does not include the cost of creating the content and properly optimizing it.

If you want to rank higher on the front page of Google search you will need more content on your website. The more unique and fresh content, the better. The easiest way to do this is to install WordPress. You may have heard other orthodontists and dentists talking about converting to a WordPress website. If this is something you desire, feel free to reach out to us at We can build a customized WordPress theme and have it install on your domain in less than 60 days.

Please understand that creating unique and fresh content is not easy. Do not feel as if this is something you will be able to do every morning before work. It is a time consuming task and is very laborious. Fortunately, we offer monthly content and copywriting packages that will allow you to rank much higher in search. Not only will you rank higher, you will rank on the front page for a plethora of different keyword phrases. The more content, the more searchers will have the possibility to find your website.

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