How to Share Moving Photos or Animated Gifs on Google Plus

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Time and again I have been asked, “How do you get photos or pictures to move on Google Plus?” I would have never guessed this would have been such a common question. In fact, over 50% of new users will ask me how to share an animated gif so it will play in the stream of other users. Unlike Tumblr and other social media websites, it can be difficult to share on Google Plus without a little bit of poking and prodding. Think about seeing this in your stream when logging on to Google Plus:

As you can see, this post received quite a bit of engagement in the form of +1’s, reshares and comments. In fact, I have had several Google Plus gif posts that have maxed out at the 500 comment mark. My goal is to have one post a day that goes viral which will receive over 3000 +1’s, 250 reshares and 300 comments. This is almost unheard of for most users on Google Plus but I have been testing for several years and I have come up with a way to reach a very broad audience.

In fact, my posts that go viral are often seen by over one million users. You can see how many views a gif or image has by simply clicking on it. The view count will be displayed under the photo or gif. So, how do you share moving photos or animated gifs on Google Plus?

How to Share Gifs on Google Plus

Unlike other social networks there are a few steps that must be taken to make certain your gif actually plays in the stream. The first thing you should do is download the gif as a .gif file. There are a few places I find gifs but I will keep that a secret. You can search around on Google or Tumblr and find some good ones for yourself. After you have downloaded the gif you will need to create a new Google Plus post.

When creating a new Google Plus post you it will look like this:


Notice there are four options below the box to type – photos, link, video or event. You will want to click on the photo option. After clicking the “Photos” option the share box will expand to look like this:


You can either drag the gif from the place in which you shared it or you can click the upload from computer tab. Select the .gif file you saved and you should see the gif moving before you even hit the green share button. Notice in the photo above that the green share button is light green. As soon as you upload your gif or any photo the green share button will become a darker green meaning you can now share to your stream.

If you want to increase engagement I would strongly suggest sharing to public. You have the opportunity to share privately to specific circles but posts cannot hit the “What’s Hot” or go viral if they are shared to a limited audience. Google Plus will not allow users to reshare a post publicly if it is been shared to a limited audience. Once you have completed those steps it will look something like this:

Getting Engagement on Gifs and Moving Photos

It is extremely important to understand that your Google Plus share is not going to go viral just because it is a gif. Something I do effectively is add a title and a sub context to all my gifs. I know my following so I also know what will make them laugh or smile. As you grow a Google Plus following you will be able to better understand what they like to see. If your goal is to increase exposure of your personal profile or your Google Plus local business page it takes some effort.

As mentioned, I offer several packages that will help individuals when it comes to Google Plus. Do not hesitate to reach out to me at if you want to discuss how we can form a business relationship to help you get your business rolling on Google Plus. This will ultimately help in search, with SEO and will increase brand exposure on Google’s social network.

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Sheila Hensley

I always want to ask but didn’t. Thanks for writing this article with great examples. You have a gift for explaining what seems complicated, Jesse.


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