How to Share a Screenshot to a Snapchat Story

UPDATE: With Snapchat Moments now available, users can post screenshots by simply uploading a photo with the “Moments” feature. You can do this by clicking on the small circle that is below the larger circle when in the Snapchat “record” mode. Once you click the smaller circle you will be taken to Moments where you can select a photo from your camera roll or a screenshot.

Snapchat is, by far and away, the most popular social media app at the present time. Almost every single high schooler and college student has Snapchat and uses it multiple times a day. If you have friends on Snapchat you know how addicting it can be. Well, one of the limitations of Snapchat is you have to share an actual picture or video taken from your phone to a Snapchat Story. At this time you cannot share a screenshot that you take of your phone to a story. This is tough for some because we have all taken some hilarious screenshots with our phones. Well, here is a work around.

If you want to share a screenshot to your Snapchat story take the screenshot and email it to yourself. Open this email on an iPad or some type of tablet. This will allow you to adjust the size so you can fit the entire screenshot in a picture or video taken with your phone. It will take some practice to make this work. You can also do it with a laptop or desktop computer but the size is offer and your friends will know it was a screenshot.

Give it a try. Take a screenshot, email it to yourself and open it on an iPad. Make sure the size is correct when you take the picture during your Snapchat story and there you have it! If there is an update that allows you to share screenshots to a Snapchat story I will be sure to make the announcement here.

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