How Do I Share My Snapchat 2017 Year in Review to My Story?

The 2017 Year in Review by Snapchat (A Look Back at 2017) was one of the social media surprise of December 2017. Most expected to see the “New Snapchat” update rollout to all, but instead, Snapchat created a video and picture collage for users that saved a number of their experiences to Memories. Unfortunately, some users are reporting that they are not seeing their “2017 Year in Review” on Snapchat.

To post or share it to your story you need to first go into Memories, which is the two little cards below the record circle on your home screen. You are then in Memories in which you will find your 2017 Year in Review. You can hold down on the video and it will allow you to share with friends or share to your story. If you want to share to your story, hit the blue “send Snap” arrow and then select My Story. It is that easy.

If you do not see your 2017 Year in Review on Snapchat it may be the case that your device is not compatible or you did not save enough pictures and videos. If you are not seeing your 2017 Year in Review comment below with the phone you are using and the operating system and hopefully we can figure out where your year in review is.

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