Why Doesn’t She Respond To My Texts Immediately When She Does For Other People When I’m With Her?

So she is always on her phone with you but seems to never respond to you when you are not together? Don’t jump to conclusions just yet. I am just as guilty of this as a lot of other girls probably are too. Sometimes I will forget to respond because I have already responded in my head. Sometimes I will respond to a text and forget to send it.

I’ll go back later just to find that lovely paragraph was never sent. We also feel more comfortable with you. We know that if it’s really important that you will call us. With girls and their friends, we do a lot of texting. Subconsciously we feel like it’s easier to be late in responding to you instead of our friends.

You can’t take it personally. Unless you are having other serious problems with your girlfriend. You may have a bigger problem on your hand if you are having problems and she seems to never respond to you when you’re not around. You can always playfully call her out on it if it’s really bothering you. She may not even realize that she’s doing it.

Keep your communication strong and you can overcome anything. Except cheating. No one has time to fix a cheater, so make sure none of that business is going on and you’ll be just fine!

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