Why Does She View My Snapchat Stories But Not Respond to Texts?

Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories have become the new “status updates” that were once on AIM, then Facebook and now Snap and Insta. Instead of posting what you are doing on Facebook you share a 10 second video on Snapchat or Instagram. Unfortunately, the ability to see who has viewed this stories is very confusing. Time and again, girls will view a Snapchat story but will not respond to a guy. Why is this the case?

It is very easy to view a Snapchat or Instagram story. It is not thought provoking or challenging in any way. You do not have to think of a response and you can go on with your life. Once you have seen the story you can quickly go back to what you are doing. This is much different than an actual conversation.

Many guys will see that a girl viewed their story and immediately text them or DM them. It is not uncommon for the girl to completely ignore this message. In fact, they may not even open it on Snapchat or Instagram. Even if they do open it, they may not respond at all. Why?

Just because a girl has viewed your Snapchat story it does not mean she likes you or wants to talk. In fact, she was likely just bored and needed something to do. Do not message a girl and expect a response just because she viewed your story on Snapchat or Instagram.

Have you had this happen to you? Are girls you like ignoring you even though they are looking at or viewing your story?

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