Shooting in Biltmore Village, near Downtown Asheville NC

While driving to Zoe’s Kitchen I was smack dab in the middle of quite a scene. I was sitting on a block that authorities┬ácompletely sectioned off with “Police: Do Not Cross Tape”. Here is what happened as reported by Caroline Stroud.

A shooting this afternoon, Monday, February 23, shortly after 2pm in Biltmore Village, NC — less than two miles from the heart of downtown Asheville — left two individuals critically injured and many busy errand runners and shop owners in the area terrified for their own lives.

Nearby Asheville High School responded to the news by enacting a full-scale lockdown for 15 minutes, from about 2:30-2:45, before resuming the school day per usual with a 3:30 pm final bell dismissal. According to the school, Asheville Police Department confirmed the suspect in the shooting was apprehended, which lead to the lockdown being lifted. However, reports surfacing at about 4:30 pm on Monday suggest the suspect is still at large. Many believe the shooter to be in his mid-20s and driving a burgundy Nissan Altima. Contact the Asheville Police Department if you have any leads in this story.

The victims in the case were shot at close range in their own car. The driver of the vehicle managed to get away, driving to a nearby parking lot on Hendersonville Rd. where first responders rushed the two men, aged 20 and 21, to Mission Hospital.

The shootings happened in historic Biltmore Village on the 200 block of Brooks St. in front of Chicos and Talbots clothing stores. Brooks St. from Chicos/Talbots to Hendersonville Rd. was blocked off with crime scene tape until around 6 pm on Monday. Parts of Sweeten Creek Rd. were also road blocked. Traffic resumed as normal after 6 pm.

Police do not believe there to be an active threat to public safety, but are actively following up on leads and continuing to search for the suspect. Both victims remain at Mission Hospital and are still listed as in critical condition. For more information regarding the case, follow the Asheville Citizen Times for live updates.

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