How to Get a Sideways or Landscape Home Screen on the iPhone and New iOS

Those that have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 now have the opportunity to see their home screen sideways or in landscape mode. This is brand new with the latest iOS update that came out in October 2017. You may have seen it on your iPhone or someone else’s iPhone in the last few days. This is what it looks like:

While some state that this is impossible, this is clearly not the case. Unfortunately, we have yet to figure out just what causes the phone to turn to landscape or sideways mode while it is on the home screen. If you have figured out how to do this, please comment below. It is not as easy as simply turning your iPhone sideways when it is not active. We have tried that and it does not work all the time.

Have you seen a sideways iPhone home screen? Do you know how to do this?

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