When Will Sigmund and the Sea Monster Season 2 Come Out on Amazon Prime? 2018 Release?

Sigmund and the Sea Monster, 2017 edition, will drop on Amazon Prime on Friday, October 13th, 2017. This is sure to be a very popular show with the children as there are not tons of Amazon Originals that focus on children’s television. With kids being so enthralled in this show, many will wonder when Sigmund and the Sea Monster season 2 will be made available on Amazon Prime.

Before assuming there will be a season 2, it is very important to understand that Amazon must see the analytics and metrics before deciding if a show is worthy of a second season. If many people do not finish the entire 1st season or there are terrible reviews, there is no reason to continue with the show. That said, Amazon is in the business of making money and they know that popular TV shows make money.

For those interested, this is the summary of the show according to Amazon, “Brothers Johnny and Scotty and their cousin Robyn become best friends with a lovable young sea monster they find on the beach, named Sigmund. The three kids teach Sigmund about the human world and help to hide him and his family from Captain Barnabus, a sea monster hunter who’s determined to prove that the creatures actually exist.”

Did you like this show? Do you want their to be a season 2? When do you want season 2 to come out? Summer or fall of 2018? Early in 2019?

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