Singapore Life Snapchat Story on May 11th, 2015

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The City Life series is back after a weekend full of great Snapchat Stories. The Singapore Life Snapchat Story was quite impressive with some great videos and pictures. It is not common for Snapchat to upload a video of someone pointing out the location of the city or country on a globe. We are also seeing plenty of skylines. Here are some of the better screenshots I took:

singapore-fountain-snapchat singapore-water-park-snapchat snapchat-story-singapore-life singapore-globe-location-snapchat singapore-skyline-snapchat singapore-life-snapchat-story

One of the coolest parts about this Snapchat Story was the water park that we got to see from above. The guy acting like he was drinking from the fountain was pretty cool as well. If you are from Singapore please feel free to tell use more about your area of the world. What are the seasons? Does it get hot? How is that awesome water park? What are the favorite sports?

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