Single Girl Looking for Boyfriend on Snapchat

Girls around the age of 13, 14, 15 and even 16 are often not willing to approach guys and ask them if they want to date or go steady. It often never evolves into a boyfriend and girlfriend situation at school because it is awkward. Guys are even more awkward at this age. This is why so many of them are on social media sites such as Instagram, Kik, Snapchat and Tumblr looking for a girlfriend.

If you are looking for a single girl that wants a boyfriend on Snapchat there are many options available. This website has thousands of Snapchat users that have posted their username looking for a boyfriend. By using the search bar you should have no trouble finding a single girl on Snapchat that is looking for a boyfriend.

If you are a guy and are single, comment below with your Snapchat name and age so girls that find this page can follow you. If you are a girl, comment and let all the guys know you are single and ready to talk and send pictures and videos on Snapchat.

129 thoughts on “Single Girl Looking for Boyfriend on Snapchat

  1. Tristen Wright

    HI I am 17 year old male looking for a girlfreind that will commit to the relationship and just want a girl that can treat me right my snapchat is vlad-172

  2. Roman

    Hey my name is Roman
    18 yr old male lookin for a girl to talk to on snap relationship or jus someone to talk to
    My snap is: ynw.roman

  3. Nadia

    I’m a 16 yr old female with hazel eyes wanting a bf
    Snap me @ mocha_macchiato
    I’m very open so don’t be afraid to talk to me

  4. Christian

    Looking for 14-16 girls willing to talk on snap chat must send video of yourself so I know your really a girl
    Snapchat- ccorwin27
    I’m 15
    I like videogames, YouTube, hanging out, and just talking in general

  5. Zach Hankins

    I’m 18 my snap is hankinszach. I’m a firefighter as well and going into the Navy if you want a good bf hit me up.

    1. Enrique

      hey i am 13 years old looking for a gf i am very open and anyone wanting to meet me my snapchat is emarquezg21

  6. Braeden

    Hello, I’m a 14 year old male looking for a girlfriend from ages 13-15 if you are interested my Snapchat is bigbreadman420

  7. Cohen Norton

    Hey my name is Cohen I’m a 13 year old guy looking for a gf who has a great personality (I don’t care about your looks it’s what’s on the inside that counts). I’m down to do some sexual stuff if you want (like sending nudes) I live in Bunbury Western Australia so if your interested add me on Snapchat it is cohen.n445. ps: I don’t think I look good to be frank I think I ugly but you might think otherwise.

  8. john

    Ight I’m 16 male my name is John u know idc who it is that wants me it’s on a website so like y not try it there’s basically nothing that will happen if something goes wrong

  9. Derek

    Hey my name is Derek I’m 14 years old I just want a gf that just needs a bf. I’m handsome and very attractive. Snapchat is derekhenry8.

  10. Cam

    Hey, I’m a 15 year old male looking for a 14-15 year old female in Adelaide south Australia if interested add me on snapchat:Clemmers4.

  11. Mika

    My name is Mika and I’m 15 yrs old. I’m looking for a girl who is lovely,caring,funny, a great personality and athletic. If a girl is hot too that counts.My snapchat is:vip3r_2863

  12. Lyss

    Looking for a cute caring boyfriend who can spoil me. My snap is lyss3456 ! I’m 14 years old! Willing to send some 😉

  13. Youl find out

    I’m a 14 year old girl looking for a bf that is nice and caring , but also isn’t scared to send some😉. Between the ages of 13-14

    1. Daniel

      Hey I’m Daniel I’m 13 years old and a boy. I am nice and caring lol and I’m not afraid to send some as long as you send a little something as well😜😂 my username is spiderman10805

  14. 05

    *jeremy09572* just saying if you add me just clarify that found me here.
    And if you do and me I play baseball, basketball, and football. I have blond hair and blue eyes I am 13 don’t really care what age you are. Btw I a boy looking for a girlfriend and I curse often and shy as hell ✌️

      1. Jared

        Hey my name is jared and i am looking for a gf badly, i just want someone who likes guys that are athletes who play football and boxing and their personality mean a lot to me and i want a cute girl.
        I am 12.

  15. Alan neven

    Hi I’m a 15 year old boy looking for a relationship with a girl I live in Melton Victoria plz add me on Snapchat @aneven43

  16. Ben

    Hello! My name is Ben and I’m 16. I’m looking for a girlfriend that will send pics but also someone I can spoil. Hit me up on snap @ben77713

  17. marcus pius jr

    hi my name is marcus or tobias either one will do i am a very athletic and intelligent guy who is looking for a gf anyone intrested chat with me @siagaklan666 on instagram

  18. Marie

    Hey i know this needs a snap but im giving my instagram here also im 13 year old girl and i want to meet someone and from this message you can already see that im friendly i don’t usually use my snapchat for chatting or something but i love taking selfies ☺if you wanna chat take my instagram and donvt worry its not private

  19. Marko Lambton

    Add me in sexy and and I’m a guy looking for a girl my snap is @mlambton19
    15 to 16 year old girl

  20. Jared

    hey i am looking for a gf, i am a 12 year old boy and i would like to have a gf, i play boxing ,football and fortnite on my pc i wanna meet someone so bad my name if u wanna meet me tell me your snap


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