Skyler Fulton The Daily Realness Snapchat Show

The fourth and likely final Snapchat Scripted Comedy Creator Show that will come out this summer is The Daily Realness with Skyler Fulton. The release date has not been announced but it will likely come in July or August of 2019. The show is described as “A mockumentary series about a clickbait-driven website.” Think American Vandal on Snapchat.

With this show coming out rather soon, there will be a number of questions that must be answered.

How Much Does Skyler Fulton Get Paid for the Snapchat Show?

Skyler Fulton isn’t exactly the most popular director at the moment. In fact, when you Google his name, you are going to find many other Skyler Fulton’s ranked above him. This is his opportunity to make a name for himself and gain in popular which likely means Snapchat got him on the cheap or possibly even free. If you want to see some of his other documentaries, here is his website.

Will There Be a Season 2?

We were shocked when we learned that American Vandal was cancelled after season 2 on Netflix. It is very hard to get mockumentaries to stick. That said, if The Daily Realness gains in popularity of Snapchat and millions view in, it would be a very cheap way to get more content with a season 2. If you have watched season 1, do you want a season 2 from Skyler Fulton?

How Many People Watched The Daily Realness with Skyler Fulton?

There have been some big time hits on Snapchat. Endless Summer reeled in 28 million viewers and the Bhad Barbie show received over 10 million viewers in the firs 24 hours. Snapchat knows middle school and high school kids have nothing to do in the month of July which is why they are pushing this original shows now. It will be interesting to see how The Daily Realness with Skyler Fulton does. As soon as we learn how many people watched the show, we will pass along the numbers.

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