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If you are a lawyer looking to get more cases from your website contact me at I have a number of individualized SEO and copywriting monthly packages available.

Premises liability cases can be some of the most lucrative for a personal injury lawyer as the entity at fault is often a business or organization. Throughout the United States there are thousands of businesses that are negligent in their duty to provide a safe environment to patrons or customers. Unfortunately, many of these businesses have little remorse when someone has slipped, fallen and changed the way they function in everyday life. As a personal injury lawyer there are ways to connect to those that need legal services when it comes to premises liability cases.

Every single day there are tens of thousands of Google searches related to slip and fall and trip and fall accidents. Come may be simply looking for information about paying medical bills or future rehabilitation services. Others may be seeking a local personal injury lawyer that can help them file a suit against a company or business. No matter what these searchers are looking for your law firm will benefit from being #1 in the Google search rankings.

Getting to the #1 spot for “Washington, DC Slip and Fall Lawyer” is not an overnight process. It takes content, natural links and an optimized website to see search rankings improve. Fortunately, I offer SEO and copywriting services for lawyers looking to get clients from their website or the Internet. Ranking on the front page of Google for local slip and fall and trip and fall keywords may be the difference in getting two or three cases a week and getting none over the course of months.

As an experienced lawyer there is a good chance you have heard about someone in your city that is getting cases every single day because of their website. If you want to be that lawyer do not wait to contact me today. Reach out to me at as I have a number of SEO and copywriting monthly packages that can help your law firm. The more content you have on your website the more potential searches are going to find you, pick up the phone and call your law offices today.

Having worked with a number of personal injury lawyers throughout the United States I am well aware of the keywords that get cases. Slip and fall and trip and fall accidents are common but most SEO companies tend to focus on the larger picture which is just personal injury. If your law firm wants to get more cases for a lower cost it would be wise to focus on a select few areas of practice. You may want to focus solely on car accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice and slip and fall injuries. If you are in Texas or Oklahoma you may focus on oil truck accidents. Those in the northwest make focus more on slippery road accidents.

Contact me so we can discuss ways in which you can get more cases in your local area.

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