What Does a Smirk Face Emoji Mean on Snapchat Best Friends?

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The smirk face emoji on Snapchat Best Friends is going to cause all kinds of drama and issues. On the April 6th, 2015 Snapchat update the smirk face emoji beside a user means you’re their best friend but they’re not yours or you’re one of the people they send snaps to most, but they’re not one of the people you send snaps to most. Oh boy! This is sure to get fun with boyfriends and girlfriends. I can just imagine the conversation now, “Why do I have a smirk face beside your name on Snapchat?” For more on all the emojis on the new Best Friends update check out this resource; April 2015 Snapchat Best Friends Update.


As I continue to get more information on all the icons and emojis on Snapchat I will be sure to pass it along. At this point it looks as if everyone is still scrambling to figure out what all of these new emojis mean. What do you think about this new update? Is it good or bad for Snapchat? Will this cause you to check other people’s Snapchat much more often? Will you look at the emojis on a daily basis?

16 thoughts on “What Does a Smirk Face Emoji Mean on Snapchat Best Friends?

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  4. Jacob

    if one of my snapchat friends has a smirk face can they see that although I am one of their best friends they are not one of mine?

  5. Kat

    If I have friend A appears smirk face on my snapchat and friend B is sunglasses one. What will mine appear as on friend B’s snapchat ?

    1. Salvia Erik

      this is all a conspiracy caused by the clone shadow puppets, in my humble opinion. i cant possibly bounce o n my boys dick if he has a smirk emoji, and he’s probably a lizard anyways. Sincerely, big money Salvia

  6. PB

    This confuses me, because everywhere I look it says the opposite of what I’m experiencing, unless I’m reading it incorrectly. But I’ve got a smirk face next to a friend’s name, but I message them more than anyone, and they don’t replay too often. It just showed up today. I don’t get it.

    1. CM

      Same here. This article’s information seems inaccurate.
      I’ve been exclusively sending snaps to one person. They have not been sending me snaps. They have a smirk face next to them. They are not a best friend, despite me being the person sending them lots of snaps.

  7. Johnny

    What if the smirk face disappears next to someone ? Does it mean that other person is sending snaps to someone else now ?


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