Snap Map Isn’t Available on Your Device – Android and iPhone Compatibility

With the Snapchat Map being the most talked about update in social media in June 2017 it comes as no surprise that millions are looking to gain access to this feature. Unfortunately, there are a number of Android model and older model iPhones that are not compatible. There is a lively discussion on this post as to the phones in which the Snap Map isn’t available.

Some of the Android phones mentioned are:

  • HTC 626
  • Samsung Note 2
  • LG G3
  • Samsung galaxy S4 mini
  • Lg g2
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy Mega 2
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Huawei G7
  • Motorola DroidMAXX
  • Blu Studio XL
  • Samsung Duos
  • Samsung Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
  • Alcatel Onetouch
  • LG G Flex
  • Samsung Galaxy tab 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Mega
  • Samsung Galaxy S Core Prime

Have you noticed any other Android models not loading the Snap Map? Are their older model iPhones, iPods and iPads in which the Snapchat Map is not working? Please comment below and let us know.


128 thoughts on “Snap Map Isn’t Available on Your Device – Android and iPhone Compatibility

    1. Usman

      Hey, is snapchat memories working on your mobiles? I’m using Huawei honor 3c, can’t see snap map neither memories.

    1. Liam

      I have a HTC M8,it’s an upgraded new version of the HTC M7. For some reason I can’t get Snapmap on the M8,but I can on the M7. Makes no sense,tbh

  1. 😠

    I have an Android TracFone and it’s not working either. This is retarded. Why have an update for an app that everyone has, but not everyone can have or use it.😒😠😒😠😒😠😒

  2. Haruka

    Lg optimus L7 (custom android 4.4.4) also doesnt have map working. Snapchat doesnt connect to the camera either tho

  3. Katie

    I have a Samsung Galxy J1 Ace, and my snap map won’t load on my phone. But when I log into my snapchat in my iPad 3 it works…

  4. Carmen Currier

    I have a Samsung galaxy S5 N SNAPCHAT MAP isn’t working on my device but it IS working on a coworkers phone n he has same phone as me so I’m at a loss trying to figure out why it works on his & not on mine

  5. Sharonica

    Don’t work for my zte olymia and um so mad because I updated for that feature and lost my snapchat video along with the update

  6. Crystal

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. It keeps saying it’s mot available on my device. This is not fair. Other Android phones have it.

  7. Conner

    I’ve got a Samsung tab e it isn’t available tryed everything not working please snapchat let me please 😢

  8. Caydyn Wilson

    Snap map isn’t working for me and I have a samsung galaxy avant- and I would like to use the snap map soon

  9. amisprokillaz

    didint work on my Huawei Honor 4X until i updated from Android 4.4.4 KitKat to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

  10. Galaxy Note Edge User

    My Galaxy Note Edge is not supporting Snapmap while another garbage phone of mine from Lenovo (probably fake) is supporting it. It is so garbage that less than 3 GB RAM …Why?

  11. Brandon Mcclelland

    I have a HTC desire 620 and I want My snapchat map. Issue solved cause I like using my map to help me to find places

  12. John

    Android phones must be updated to Lollipop 5.0 or newer for snap maps to work. Pretty shit because my phone tells me there are no available updates.


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