Can’t See Snapchat “A Look Back at 2017” Year in Review in Memories

Most Snapchat users that are on the app every single day have been given a year end present. They are seeing “A Look Back at 2017” in a short video collage of all they did in the year. Basically, it is a way to enjoy all the fun things you saved on Memories. Unfortunately, some users are reporting they are not able to see this year in review. So, what can they do to find it?

First of all, remember that Snapchat is now much more algorithm based. This means if you only have a few videos or pictures it may not have created “A Look Back at 2017” for you. If you haven’t seen it yet, you may not get to see it at all.

If you have used Snapchat a lot and saved a ton of videos to Memories, it may be that your phone is not compatible. You may be using an older model iPhone or Android. If you can’t find your “A Look Back at 2017” please comment below with the model phone you are using and the operating system. This may help you figure out why you cannot see or find the year in review.

Have you been able to watch your friends year in review, but not yours? What do you think about this year end present from Snapchat?

53 thoughts on “Can’t See Snapchat “A Look Back at 2017” Year in Review in Memories

  1. King

    I have an Iphone 7+ with more than enough storage. I just updated my phone and even have unisntalled and reinstalled the app. I have a ton of videos and pictures in my memories for 2017. This is frustrating!!

    1. S

      Same. I have a Iphone 7+ and I save a lot snaps to memories. It came up for me yesterday, then I clicked save to stories. Then it was gone. I am not able to see it or find it anywhere. I have also reinstalled the app too, but still I am not able to see it.

      1. Ava

        Same exact thing happened to me. I seen it and tried to save it. Went back and now it’s gone!!!! Please let me know how to fix this

        1. Micah R

          Someone please find a fix for this!!! lol I’m soo mad. Mine worked out so perfect. Some were even ironically so.
          I clicked to save it so I would be sure to have it forever and it COMPLETELY disappears! Ugh!

          Using an iPhone 5s, but it looks like that has nothing to do with it.

  2. Sandra

    On my snapchat when I go onto my memories, it doesn’t say ‘All’, it only has ‘Snap’ ‘Memories’ and ‘Camera Roll’. I am using an IPhone 6

  3. Marco Lopez

    I have an iPhone 7+ with over 90gbs and I have over 1000 memories on my snapchat going back to August of 2016. I’ve seen my friends post it on their story and show me how to get to it but The Who look back story isn’t even there. I just updated the app and it still isn’t showing up..

  4. Floor

    iPhone 8 and I saved a lot of photos and video’s in memories , but I can’t see it! (I also have the newest update)

  5. hilary

    iphone 7 plus i just wanna see my memories. it came up for a little but when i was watching it my app crashed and i haven’t been able to see it again.

  6. I R

    iPhone 7+

    I updated Snapchat and it showed up

    I tapped to save it then my app crashed

    When I reopened it, the “a look back at 2017” story was gone and it wasn’t saved either

    Incredibly frustrating.

  7. Madie

    Ughh!! I had it then i clicked on it and it took ages to load. So i left it now i want to see it ! But its gone 😬😬😬😬😬

  8. Becky

    iPhone 7+ with everything I’ve snapped pretty much saved in my memories. I’m at the latest update for snapchat and my phone is up to date on its software as well. And I still can’t do the lookback. I’m so annoyed

  9. Alanya

    I have a iPhone 8 that I got 2 days ago so storage isn’t a problem and I already had Snapchat so it doesn’t make sense

  10. Sharon Blocker

    I have an IPhone 5 SE and I’ve updated the app AND I have tons of snaps saved from this year. Idk why it’s not working for me

  11. Derri

    iPhone 6s

    I updated Snapchat and it showed up.
    I tapped to save it then my app crashed.
    When I reopened it, the “a look back at 2017” story was gone and it wasn’t saved either.
    Incredibly frustrating.

  12. Kendall

    iPhone 8+ I save my memories all the time and have my stories auto saved so it’s a little lame that I can’t see it. Updated the app, restarted the app, restarted my phone. I have over 200 pictures and videos saved , plus I have a pretty new phone so I’m damn sure it’s compatiable haha

  13. Hanna

    I was able to watch my look back on 2017 story but when I clicked save it disappeared and now I can’t find it!

  14. Brittney

    I was able to watch mine, but when I clicked ‘save to stories’- it only saved the very last one!! Very annoying. Also, I had to update the app to watch it.


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