Snapchat Analytics and Public Stats Coming in 2016?

Over the last three months many businesses and professionals have come to me asking how to measure the success of a Snapchat account or promotion. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult at the present time. When using a Snapchat “power user” or “celebrity” the only way to know how many views the video or picture received is a screenshot of the users Snapchat account. The only person that can see that Snapchat account is the person with the username and password. As you can imagine, this is causing many companies to steer clear of advertising on Snapchat.

I have worked with Snapchat users that receive over 50,000 views per Snapchat story. Unfortunately, brands are very reluctant to believe this data because they cannot see it for themselves. For that reason, I strongly believe Snapchat is going to come out with Analytics and public stats in 2016. Much like Twitter, we are going to be able to see how many “followers” or “views” a particular account is getting. What will also be important is the number of screenshots a particular account is getting.

I am not 100% certain how Snapchat will do this, but it must be done if they hope to make any more from advertisers. There are a handful of advertisers that are paying to be on the “Discover” tab but to truly make money Snapchat needs to allow the users to “promote” brands. If the analytics and stats are hidden individual users are never going to be able to make money.

Do you think Snapchat will come out with analytics in 2016? Do you think Snapchat should publicly show the number of views, followers and screenshots an account is getting?

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