Will Snapchat Offer a Braces Lens or Animation?

Since its inception in September 2011, Snapchat has been a popular messaging application among millions of people. This app allows users to take pictures, record videos, add drawings and text, and send them to a selected list of recipients. Photos and videos that are sent through Snapchat are known as “Snaps” and can only be seen for about 1 to 10 seconds. Once the Snap is viewed for several seconds, it will be deleted forever.

In September 2015, Snapchat introduced lenses to its users. Lenses make it easy for users to add some excitement to their selfies through fun photos and animations. Some of the most popular Snapchat lenses are a lightning coming out of user’s mouth, a mustache, and a lens that makes it looks like a user is vomiting a rainbow.

At the beginning of this year, Snapchat shut down its lens store that charged users $0.99 per lenses in order to sell sponsored lenses. Sponsored lenses give companies the opportunity to place their advertising onto the faces of Snapchat users. As an orthodontics practice, we would not be surprised if Snapchat offered a sponsored braces lens or animation.

A braces lens would give orthodontics patients the chance to see what they would like with braces and then without braces. It would be an awesome feature for those patients who are curious to see what they will look like with a mouth full of braces and just as appealing to those who’d like to see what their smile would look like with white, straight teeth.

Many of the patients at orthodontics offices are teens who are nervous to get braces because of how they may affect their appearance. A Snapchat braces lens can help ease some of this fear because it will show teens how much braces can improve their teeth and give them that beautiful smile they’re longing for.

Will Snapchat offer a braces lens or animation? With so many innovations from this app in the past few years, we wouldn’t be surprised if they do.

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