How to Run a Snapchat Contest

Snapchat is starting to become the most popular social media app for many different age groups. In fact, the engagement on Snapchat is higher than any other social media app; it isn’t even comparable. With this being true, I decided to run a contest on Snapchat and I was extremely surprised with the “turn out”. Here is what I did.

First, I created three different Snap photos for my 24 hour story. They looked like this:


You can obviously offer anything as a gift or reward. If you are a business you may offer something free such as a meal or free tickets. I think it would be a great idea for businesses to start doing this now so they can quickly grow their Snapchat following.

Once you have created your contest you will need to promote it. If you have a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook following you can say something like this:

Even if you have a very small following on other social media platforms it never hurts to cross promote.

You will also be smart to do a write up and promote it on your website as well. There is nothing that replaces quality content that is published to a website you own. If you do a good job people will start to find you through Google search. That is exactly how I quickly built a large Snapchat following myself.

If you need help running a Snapchat contest feel free to reach out to me at I offer several Snapchat consulting packages that can help your business gain exposure quickly.

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